A Beginners Plant-Based Grocery List

We now know that going to the gym and doing daily workouts is not enough to feel our best. Our diet plays a huge role in how we feel & ultimately will have the single biggest difference to our health.

Recent times have seen more and more of us girls stepping into the unfamiliar space of plant-based and vegan options. For someone that has eaten meat all of their life this can be daunting and overwhelming when it comes to the weekly food shop!

Check out our beginners weekly food shop list to help you secure all the staples you need: 

oats - rice -  tortillas (corn or whole grain) and whole grain bread buns

white beans, black beans, edamame, tins of chopped tomatoes, nuts

sweet potatoes, any salad ingredients, any veg (include frozen bags too)

garlic, parsley, onions and any herbs you like already

any fresh fruit, lemons, bags of frozen berries, avocado

tahini, mustard, soy sauce/coconut aminos, hummus, maple syrup

almond milk (or any plant based milk) tofu (extra firm) and tempeh


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