3 Manifestation Techniques to try today

Esther & Jerry Hicks are world-renowned teachers on the law of attraction and wrote a stunning book "Ask and It Is Given" that includes 22 Manifestation Techniques

Here are 3 of my favourites you can try this week:

1. The Magical Creation Box

When to use it: When you want a fun activity to visualise your desires. 

How to use it: Cut out clippings of quotes, words, pictures and anything that affirms the things that you want to bring into existence for yourself. Place these things in a box and as you put them in there you say to yourself "Whatever is contained in this box IS!"

2. Rampage of Appreciation

When to use it: When you are on a high and want to keep your good vibrations going.

How to use it: Notice something in your surroundings and focus on it whilst thinking of all the ways that it us good/beautiful/useful. Notice the good feeling that starts to grow as you openly appreciate something. Once you have finished, move on to the next object.

3. The Creative Workshop

When to use it: When you want to get focused on the things you want for the core areas of your life

How to use it: Take a piece of paper and split it into 4 quadrants. Label them Body, Home, Relationships, Work. Write down your desires related to that area and then write next to them why you want those things.

If you enjoyed these, there are 19 more you can try! Pick up a copy of the book and happy manifesting! May your dreams come true


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