I feel like the way the world is structured today we are so disconnected from the spiritual and intuitive side of ourselves.

I love a little self-care Sunday ritual that resets my body and re-connects me with myself and how I am feeling before the week starts. 

Try this little ritual for your next self-care Sunday bath time:


1.) Crystals: choose some crystals to place around your bath based on what you want to manifest for yourself for the week. Rose quartz is a great one for having more empathy and love towards others, clear quartz is said to be a master healer, and Jasper is the supreme nurturer in times of stress

2.) Candles candles and more candles: a spiritual ritualistic bath wouldn't be complete without some long stem candles (the witchier the better) to bring that mystic and spiritual vibe to your bath experience

3.) Burn some Sage: you can get little sage burning bundles from almost anywhere these days, great for clearing bad energy

4.) Homemade spiritual bath teabag: all you need is a small cotton or organza bag, some petals, a cup of oats and some drops of lavender. Place it all in the bag and float the bag in your bath under the running water to release the fusion.

5.) Some fresh crisp clean towels: ideally straight out of the dryer and rolled up for yourself like you're in a spa

Put away anything digital, and soak in that tub making an effort to be fully present in the moment and appreciating the sensations of the water, and the smells that you notice. 

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you try :--)

Nicky x

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