Postpartum Sports Bra

Finding a postpartum sports bra, or even an every day postpartum bra that serves your needs is no easy task. Despite all of the practical uses of things like easy to remove for breast-feeding, comfortable, and the obvious support needs; there is also so much about self-confidence that plays in to choosing a postpartum sports bra that will mean you actually want to wear it.

When I first launched our Extreme Sports Bra, I honestly didn't realise the versatility of it as more than just a high impact sports bra. It wasn't until the customer reviews and feedback started coming in from new mums that I realised that this really is the best postpartum sports bra too.

One customer stated "Two days ago I had to breastfeed in the changing room of a clothing store. All I had to do is undo one of the straps & voila! This is what I do now. Easier & comfy." She also mentioned how the soft fabric doesnt leave marks on the baby's face, which is something that I never would have considered as a need of our customers until she mentioned this. 

"This has done so much for my confidence" mentioned another, when speaking to me about the "free bust lift" the adjustable straps also gave her. 

So here are my tips on what to look for in a postpartum sports bra that I learnt in the development phase of our Extreme High Support Bra:

1. Soft fabric is a must - look for something with a high level of stretch and a powdery softness to the touch - better for the baby and for all day wear for you.

2. Built in bra cups without padding - not only will this be more comfortable and practical for you, but it also wont overemphasize the size of your bust.

3. Adjustable straps - so many mums fear the sagging bust postpartum so adjustable straps will ensure you are lifted and sculpted, and that it will still be the perfect fit for you in months to come.

4. Adjustable band around the waist - similar to the above, this ensures the perfect fit, and that you can keep wearing it as your size changes. It also allows you to tighten it for support, and release looser when you are seated for breastfeeding

5. Front zip - this is so practical for removing when wet, or even if you are trying to get it off whilst also holding baby in your other hand

If you're struggling to find one like this that ticks all the boxes, our Extreme High Support bra caters up to 5XL H Cup and I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a postpartum sports bra

Nicky xx

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