How to take better care of your activewear

Unsure as to why your activewear fades over time or doesn't fit right any more?

Check out these tips for perfect wash care to keep your gym kit looking gorgeous for longer!

1. Don't put bright colours in with any darks unless you want to dull them! Do instead wash them with colours of a similar colour palette or shade

2. Don't wash on hot as it interferes with the sweat-wicking properties of the fabric and can also shrink the size. Do wash on a cold wash.

3. Don't be tempted to hang dry them or dry them in the machine dryer as again this can alter the shape/size. Do lie them on a flat surface to dry on (like a table!)

4. Do make sure you turn them inside out & wash them with fabrics of a similar texture. Don't put them in with rough fabrics, or anything with harsh buttons/studs or velcro

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