3 Ways Girls can use Protein Powder to supplement the diet

You may have recently got into your gym flow and spontaneously purchased a load of supplements & powders which are starting to gather dust on the shelves already....

Here's 3 ways to utilize your protein powder to reach your recommended protein intake & start growing that booty! 

1. Pro-Oats: a fit chicks secret weapon. Add a scoop of protein powder and water to your morning oats and enjoy with toppings of your choice (we recommend dark berries for an extra injection of micro-nutrients into your morning!)

2. Protein Frosting: mix a tiny amount of water into a scoop of protein powder and it creates a sort of icing sugar! You can drizzle this on rice cakes/fruit and add some toppings of choice (like berries or crushed nuts) to get a nice sweet snack that's high in protein.

3. Classic Protein Shake: make it leaner and healthier by adding in some spinach (you wont taste it promise!) and mix it with water instead of milk. This is a great option for the late afternoon sweet tooth.

How do I know how much protein to eat daily?

A good measure for the average women is 1 gram of protein to every 1lb of body fat. If I weight 136lbs then I need to eat on average 136 grams per day.

If you really want to grow those glutes or gain some lean muscle then 1.5g to every 1lb is a great number to start on and adjust from there.

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